Egmond-Pier-Egmond on Saturday January 9 is cancelled

Sports organisation Le Champion has decided not to organise any physical events till the 1st of March 2021. With the knowledge of today it is unclear if the guidelines of the government offer any space to organise large events in the coming months. Considering the long preparation time needed and the many uncertain factors now, together with parties involved, is decided to cancel the events. With that Le Champion wants to show responsibility. 
‘’An extremely difficult decision’’, stated by general manager of Le Champion, Ron van der Jagt. ’’But also a well-considered decision. The health of people is our highest goal. We want nothing more than inspiring as many people, young and old, to sport and exercise. But we also feel a huge responsibility for the safety and health of your participants, spectators and employees’’. Now that the physical events will not take place until the 1st of March, Le Champion will put even more energy into offering creative, virtual alternatives for cyclists, runners and walkers.
Compete on the beach, give everything at the Pier in Velsen-Noord, climb up to Wijk aan Zee and show your cycling skills at the obstacles in Castricum aan Zee. Will you take on this challenge?

The Neterlands' biggest beachrace
38 km across the beach, with climbs an obstacles
A battle with the elements
An invigorating start to the new year
Riding the beautiful North Sea shore
Everyone that reaches the finish on the boulevard of Egmond aan Zee receives a legendary medal as a reminder of this battle. As a cycling enthusiast, you want to ride this cycling event!